Thompson Electric Company has had the privilege of working with EDA for many years on a variety of projects. When working with EDA on a project, it always turns out to be a positive experience. Your team is extremely knowledgeable and works hard to keep a team approach on a project. The EDA team are true professionals in every aspect, from the design to the completion of a project.

Communication is always critical on a project and the EDA team is always available to answer questions and provides clear and concise information. Your team is open to listening to alternatives and is willing to explore those ideas, if it can be a benefit to a project.

Overall, Thompson Electric enjoys working with EDA and whenever they are part of the owner’s team, we know that the electrical portion of the project will be concise with a complete set of drawings and specifications.

– Barney Pottebaum, Vice President and General Manager

As Director of Operations and New Construction for the Sioux City Community School District I have used EDA for our electrical/mechanical engineering services for the past 16 years. I have used EDA exclusively because of their expert quality serve. They use the latest technology in their design work and are very responsive to our needs and concerns. They interact with the owner through the design work and they are a full service firm. They are knowledgeable of the State of Iowa requirements and file all the necessary forms for the school district.

They have saved the District money by actively doing the startup of all systems upon completion of a project, thus we do not have to hire commissioning from another company. They visit the site during construction to make sure the specifications are followed and to work out any issues the contractor might have. They provide follow up after completion and are quick to respond to our questions and help if there are any warranty issues.

I highly recommend EDA for their expertise and quality design work and service.

– Mel McKern, Director of Operations and New Construction

It has been our pleasure to work with EDA and your associates over the past 20 years. We have always enjoyed bidding your projects. The drawings are concise and detailed. This helps in many ways; first of all it allows predictability to us. This allows us to bid more aggressively and not worry about inconsistencies. Second, we know we can build the project with confidence knowing that it will be something that Metro Electric will be proud to have our name attached to for years.

-Robert Dandurand, Metro Electric Project Manager

Ten-Kredit Electric would like to express our appreciation for the outstanding Engineering Services that you provide. From an electrical contractors perspective EDA provides the most comprehensive electrical plans available for bidding and construction execution. EDA is helpful to work with and provides outstanding support throughout the construction process which makes our jobs easier. This teamwork approach helps us contractors understand the owners intent, this empowers us to install our systems according to the owners expectations, which always leads to happy customers.

-Troy Ten Napel, Owner and Project Manager

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of EDA Inc. I am the superintendent at Lawton-Bronson Community School and from the spring of 2008 through the fall of 2009, we worked closely with associates Mike King and Jon Buiter on our new elementary building project. Mike and Jon designed and executed all of the electrical and mechanical engineering for our new 66,000 square foot facility and some of the features of the project included a ground source heating and cooling system and a number of energy saving electrical designs. Their work speaks for itself. Four years after our new building opened, we are enjoying annual energy cost savings and their design work has added to the aesthetic beauty of our elementary school.

Every encounter we had with EDA Inc. throughout our project was positive. At every meeting and in answering every question, Mike and Jon were professional and thoughtful. I did not know much about engineering when we went through this project, and every time I asked a question, I received answers that were thorough and in terms that I could understand. I felt throughout the entire project that Mike and Jon had a personal stake in our project and that they would do anything necessary to make sure that we were satisfied with the work and that we understood the process. This type of integrity and commitment to a customer left me so impressed that if I am ever involved in any future projects that involve engineering services, I will contact EDA, Inc. If you are involved in any work that requires engineering design, consultation, or oversight, I HIGHLY recommend EDA, Inc. They are expertly competent and professional, but just as importantly, they are a company that demonstrated integrity, outstanding communication, and a personal investment in our project and in our employees who were part of that project. The strong relationship EDA built with our school staff helped the building process go so smoothly and their work was completed within the planned budget and ahead of schedule. I cannot speak highly enough of the contribution that EDA, Inc. made to the construction of our new elementary building. If I can be of any other assistance, please contact me at (712) 944-5183 and I would be happy to discuss EDA ‘s excellent work.

-Jeffrey D. Thelander, Lawton-Bronson Superintendent

I wanted to drop you a note as we conclude work on our new fire station at 3109 Dearborn Avenue. It is my opinion that the work you have done has been exemplary and of the highest quality. I have felt that you have been a partner and an advocate since we first made contact.

With a limited budget I feel we obtained the maximum bang for our taxpayer buck along with everything we wanted, needed, and more. This was due in large part because of you and your team. You worked with all of our people involved both within this department and other city departments to make certain every step was completed with the highest quality.

The finished product is both beautiful and very functional. It meets all of the needs we expressed to you from the onset. The comments we received at our very large open house were most complimentary and our crews have nothing but praise for the facility. I am truly impressed with your efforts on this project and would not hesitate to work with you again. It has been a pleasure working with you.

-Tom Everett, Sioux City Fire Chief

EDA Inc. has been our principle electrical/mechanical engineer since 1990. They engineered seven new construction projects, five remodel projects and numerous retrofit projects. The largest project was the construction of our Campus Center in 2002. This was a 12.5 million dollar project.

We have been satisfied with EDA’s engineering performance. They are very thorough from building conception to commissioning. They hold contractors accountable for work performed on major projects, while still working one on one with our maintenance department on smaller in-house projects. EDA Inc. has also performed energy audits on many of our buildings with positive energy-saving results.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the work EDA Inc. has done for us on these various projects.

-Stan Oordt, Dordt University Physical Plant Director

Northwestern College has had the distinct pleasure of working with EDA on a wide variety of projects on our campus over the last decade. We have found their work, knowledge and expertise of electrical and mechanical systems to be exceptional. Mr. Dean Pfeil, Mr. Norm TeKroney, and Mr. Mike King and the EDA team are true professionals and they have the highest level of integrity and are up to date with the latest in technologies. They are interested in our input and if we have a problem they are more than willing to come back to campus and assist us in resolving it.

Following is a list of some of our latest projects we had the pleasure working with EDA: the Thea G Korver Visual Art Center, the De Witt Theatre Art Center, Hospers Hall Bathroom Renovation, and Van Peursem Science Wing Renovation.

We look forward to working with EDA on the Learning Commons Project and more projects in the future.

-Scott Simmelink, Director of Building and Grounds

This letter of reference is being written to support the electrical and mechanical engineering design work that EDA, Inc. has done for Western Iowa Tech Community College. The College selected EDA, Inc. as the electrical and mechanical engineers for its first major building project in 1990. Over the past 15 years EDA, Inc. has done all of the M&E engineering on two new buildings on the Sioux City campus, a new campus building in Cherokee, and a major expansion and remodel of the Denison campus building. Also over the years, they have been involved in literally hundreds of remodel projects to upgrade and facilitate new and expanding infrastructure demands on the campus.

During this 15 year period of time, the College has never used another M&E engineering firm to do any of its work. EDA, Inc. continues to provide quality services in a timely manner and at a fee that is reasonable as compared to the rest of the industry. The firm operates with the utmost professionalism, honesty, and integrity, and all projects are completed on time within the allotted budget. I have never once had doubts about their engineering decisions and ability to do the work we required at a fair price.

The decision to use EDA, Inc. as the electrical and mechanical engineers for Western Iowa Tech Community College was a decision that I made early in my presidency and one that I have never looked back upon. The College will continue to maintain our relationship with EDA, Inc. into the foreseeable future. It is without any hesitation that I wholeheartedly recommend EDA, Inc. as a quality and reputable engineering and design firm.

-Robert E. Dunker, Western Iowa Tech Community College President

On behalf of everyone at JESCO, I want to thank you and your people for your professionalism and quality of work that comes from your office. We bid on many projects through out the year and see many different engineers’ prints. By far your company has the most complete, concise, and quality prints we bid off of. We have three people that bid on projects here and they all rave about EDA and the people there.

We believe that with the quality of your plans, the end customer gets the best job and a very competitive price because the guess work that can arise from an inferior set of plans is nonexistent.

-Dennis Vonk, JESCO Inc. Sales Executive

While bidding a recent project we were reminded again how happy we are to work on an EDA engineered plan. Not only are your plans clear and concise, but we know you’ve done the appropriate research to assure that the plans and specifications are complete and correct.

-Dwayne Klarenbeek, Midwestern Mechanical President